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Do I need a business consultant or a coach?

Great question!  In many cases, you will need both, so finding the right person with both skill sets is ideal. That is exactly what I bring to the table and offer my clients.

As your business consultant, I come into our engagement as an expert, with over 30 years of successful experience in sales, new business development, marketing, both traditional and virtual, as well as strategy planning to grow your business. My primary focus will be to teach you the skills that will be necessary for you to achieve your desired results; in most cases, that will ultimately be to increase sales, revenues and profits. As your business consultant, you can expect that I will hold you accountable for the commitments you make to yourself as it pertains to growing your business. Some of the more common areas we may work on include: identifying your ideal target customer, lead generation, development of new revenue streams, evaluating your current pricing structure and staffing challenges, as well as the development of systems for optimizing your business results.

As your business coach, I will provide the support for you to Tap Into Your Center™ and allow all that you have within you, your unique genius, to shine and benefit the world. I will encourage you to learn the simple technique of tapping, as an efficient way to remove limiting beliefs that may be holding you back around initiating sales conversations, increasing your rates/pricing or knowing that you deserve to be successful in a BIG way. As your business coach, I will hold the space for your professional growth and development, encouraging you to reach further than you thought possible, with ease and a renewed understanding of universal flow of positive energy.

The best part is, you don’t need to know which hat I am wearing as I will seamlessly pass through the roles of business consultant and coach, as YOU need me to, always keeping YOUR desired end results top of mind.

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