Where would you like to be in your business by the end of 2018?
Do you know what you need to do to get there?

deep dive

Do you need support to:
  • Create a strategic plan for your business that allows you to use your gifts and talents to serve others while creating a six figure income or more?
  • Identify and implement new, lucrative revenue streams?
  • Critique your current marketing and receive expert advice on how to improve your messaging?
  • Map out an action plan that is manageable, effective and will move you in the direction of your business intentions for 2018?

If so, I’d be honored to share my more than thirty years expertise in sales, marketing and running a multi-six figure business with you during our private Deep Dive Day.

I want to assist you in moving through any blocks that may be keeping you stuck. However, YOU need to take the next action step and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a time for us to discuss further what you need and if I am the right mentor, coach and successful business consultant to assist you.

Your Deep Dive Day can be completed either in person, or virtually, so don’t let distance keep you from getting the support you need.

What the Deep Dive Day Includes:

Includes a single 3-hour consulting session, plus two 20-minute bonus Strategy & Accountability calls.


To provide industry and practical expertise in these possible areas: Strategic Planning, New Business Development, Critique/Assessment of current Marketing, Financial Fitness of your organization with recommendations for improvements and additional revenue streams to consider.


$2,200 - To be paid in full prior to session.

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Feedback from My Clients:

"Prior to my Deep Dive Day with Susan, my main challenge was not having a marketing strategy and set plan to move forward with my business. What I really needed was someone to help me with the process of getting more clients, establishing a follow up process, and packaging my high-end coaching program. Another challenge was in the area of asking potential clients for what I know I am worth.

I was doing bits and pieces with no real plan. My business was still in startup mode after more than a year and half. I was not making a lot of money and my client base was minimal. There was no growth in fact I was at a stale mate ready to throw in the towel.

My main objective was to have a set plan with steps to move my business forward and grow. What I received from Susan’s DDD was a Phase One and Phase Two plan that included step by step what I needed specifically to create and implement for my business to grow and be successful. This has provided me with a sense of ease knowing that I have worked with an expert in marketing and sales - who knows what needs to be done, and has provided me with a plan. I don't feel like I am swimming in a huge ocean anymore that is not manageable.

This was one of the best investments I have made since I started my business. Susan knows what she is doing and is very intuitive to her client’s needs. Yes, I would recommend to my colleagues a Deep Dive Day with Susan in a heartbeat. I would tell them to expect focused one on one time with an expert in sales and marketing. Susan works on finding out where you are stuck and why that is happening, as well as helps you figure out (based on what your goals are), what you need to do in order of importance, to get to where you want to go."

— Anita Watts, Founder Live 2 Your Potential

"Prior to our Deep Dive Day with Susan we felt confusion on where to start and what priorities to focus on first. We were trying to be all things to all people; we didn't have a well-defined ideal target audience.

Our objectives were definitely met and even exceeded. We were provided with a breakdown of steps for clarity on identifying our ideal audience; we even learned the importance of creating our own Avatar. We also reviewed the importance of creating our IFO (Irresistible Free Offer), and focusing on only two primary service offerings. Susan also provided her expertise in setting up our high-end packages and working on our strategy session protocols.

We would highly recommend a Deep Dive Day with Susan and would share with our friends or colleagues that they would learn answers to their priority questions/concerns. They would experience three hours of intense planning/strategy on how to move forward in an organized fashion. For us it was a great session and a sound investment!"

—Colleen Wietmarschen, President, M. Colleen Wietmarschen, LLC and Peter Wietmarschen, Vice-President, M. Colleen Wietmarschen, LLC

"My initial concerns prior to my Deep Dive Day with Susan were whether I was running a business or a hobby. I came away from our time together knowing I have a viable business and I simply need to accord the attention it deserves.

These questions/issues were impacting my business in two senses: 1) Financially – revenues NO where near where they could or ought to be; 2) Personally – via the extreme low self-worth engendered due to nothing in my money matters reflecting any semblance of deservingness or merit related to my eldercare niche.

All of my Deep Dive Day objectives were definitely EXCEEDED. How? By primarily the combination of the practical business advice provided by Susan, along with her spiritual intuitiveness guiding the way; this combination is what helped to exceed my objectives. Throughout our time together, I felt guided and knew the space was being held to stick to our agenda while providing opportunities to address themes or questions on my mind. As a professional facilitator and coach, I know it is not easy to balance those two sometimes-competing imperatives. Yet, we managed to navigate the three hours so that all got accomplished when and how it needed to.

If asked, would I recommend a Deep Dive Day with Susan, I would respond, unequivocally, I HIGHLY recommend Susan’s DDD!!! Given that I love to create acronyms, here is the AFFIRMING theme I created while consolidating my notes and action items the evening after our DDD."

1. A = Authentic
2. F = Fun
3. F = Fulfilling
4. I = Integrity-based
5. R = Rich (in content, ideas and suggestions)
6. M = Mutual (2-way collaboration to see me become my best)
7. I = Inspiring
8. N = Nurturing
9. G = Gracious

— Carol-Ann Hamilton - Author of "Coping with Un-cope-able Parents:  Loving Action for Eldercare", Speaker and Eldercare Expert

“Before my Deep Dive Day with Susan, I felt so caught up in the day to day running of my business; I wasn’t able to look ahead. I had no idea how to get to the next level.

My objectives were absolutely met during my DDD. After our virtual session, I had a step-by-step plan to start growing my business. Along with new ideas for different revenue streams that I can start to implement immediately!

I have a new monthly (big) goal. I’m excited- not overwhelmed at the thought of reaching it, and it actually seems possible. And thanks to some “tapping” during our DDD, the numbers don’t seem so overwhelming now! I really enjoyed the “tapping” portion of our day. I thought it was a nice way to set the tone and intention of our time together. I was surprised at how calm I was after. I felt more focused and clear.

I would absolutely recommend a Deep Dive Day with Susan to any of my colleagues. I received everything I wanted and more out of our time together.

I also appreciated that we got straight to business. No fluff or cheesy sales tactics. I got valuable feedback and the answers to some of my biggest business questions.”

—Amy Crane, Founder, Social Lab Marketing


“The challenges I had before my Deep Dive Day with Susan was lack of clarity and knowledge with creating a one day event and subsequent follow up long term committed group. I was uncertain as to all the necessary components and steps on how to map out, price and implement to create a successful event.

These problems were impacting my business in many ways. Having a timeline and ability to ask questions to someone who is familiar with the content and prospective participants from our area was most helpful.

I do believe that my objectives were met. Susan gave me the framework and support; I now have to do the work that was laid/mapped out for me.

I would highly recommend a Deep Dive Day with Susan to my colleagues and friends. I would let them know that they can expect to experience compassion, knowledge (both spiritual and practical advice) and guidance that is genuine & heartfelt. I loved the tapping and felt a release...that was very helpful! I also love that Susan is holding the space for me to succeed in a big way, and she is such a wonderful role model and mentor to help me turn my passion into profit!”

—Renee Cerio, Founder Awaken Your Heart


“Deciding to invest in a Deep Dive Day with Susan Beebe was one of the very best business decisions that I have made this year.

She not only helped me to zero in on and clarify what I needed to accomplish, but she also generously shared from her vast experience and knowledge exactly the information required for me to move forward.

She provided an excellent combination of strategy and tactics that has left me in a much stronger position to pursue my business goals. I highly recommend working with her, as she did everything possible to make sure that I received the highest possible value from my Deep Dive Day with her.”

—Marjorie Saulson, President and CEO Vibrant Vocal Power, Inc.


“Before my Deep Dive Day with Susan I was challenged by lack of clarity in my business; I knew where I wanted to go, but I didn't know how to get there. I was feeling overwhelmed as to HOW I was going to follow-through on the actions needed. I wasn't facing the financials of my business and knew that wasn't wise.

These problems were impacting me and my business in many ways. The feeling of overwhelm was holding me back from moving forward and causing me to feel defeated. I wasn't sharing my gifts and I wasn't helping the people who needed my services. Due to a lack of clients, my savings account was quickly depleting. 

I absolutely believe my objectives were met by Susan during my Deep Dive Day! Susan helped me get clear on what I needed to do next and why. She offered suggestions for finding the strategic partners that would help me fill the gaps in my areas of expertise. She helped me get through some of my fears around facing my business financials and inspired me to see it in a different way...and gave me some financial resources to help.

I would recommend a Deep Dive Day with Susan Beebe to my colleagues and other business owners. I would tell them that they can expect to be heard, to be continually guided back to the focus of the session, to receive clear direction as to the next steps to take from a successful business owner who has a lot of experience to share. I would tell them that they can expect to feel supported in a firm/concrete, but gentle way, to get the information, guidance and encouragement needed to move forward toward their goal and to receive direction from someone who really cares about their success and believes in their ability to achieve it!”

—Catherine Dietz - Owner, A Healthy Path to Love.

What will it cost you not to get the support you know you need?

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