Susan is an acomplished keynote speaker who has delivered Keynote presenations at various events, using experience earned as an Executive Business Consultant and Coach, EFT Practitioner and Multi-Six Figure Entrepreneur with over 30 years of successful Sales and Marketing experience. Her speaking titles include “Six Lessons in Becoming a More Effective Negotiator”, "Seven Steps to Creating Memorable Marketing", “Seven Simple Steps to Develop A Sales System that Works!” and “Conquering the FEAR of Success.”  If you would like more information, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


“Susan was a fabulous Keynote Speaker at our 2016 Celebrating Women in Business Conference in Owego, NY. It was obvious that she had devoted a lot of thought and effort in developing her presentation, Six Lessons in Becoming a More Effective Negotiator. Susan’s delivery was dynamic, effective and enjoyable. She received excellent evaluations from our attendees. In addition, Susan was great to work with in pre-conference planning - extremely responsive and professional in every way. I recommend her highly!”

—Ginny L. Robert, Chair Celebrating Women in Business Conference

“Susan's warm and bright personality is the first thing my audience notice after introducing her as our special event presenter. Her extensive knowledge of sales, marketing and business topics educates and inspires our crowds every time she presents. Susan is truly one of my favorite female presenters and I have gone to other events just to hear her share her wisdom and acumen so I can learn more. I would highly recommend Susan Beebe as a professional speaker for any occasion.”

—Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham Women TIES, LLC

“Susan spoke for us at a retreat held for female Syracuse University students looking to embrace the art of being a professional woman. She was warm, engaging, and inspirational. Her words about following the wisdom of your heart and overcoming personal obstacles were reassuring, and we all left feeling like we could (and would!) accomplish anything we wanted. Her tapping techniques were new to many of us, but I think we were all inspired to learn more about it and see how it could help us both in our careers and in our lives.”

—Diane (Deedi) Brown Syracuse University Event Chair

Keynote Speaking Titles:

“Six Lessons in Becoming a More Effective Negotiator”

We have all heard the concept of win-win negotiating, and most likely recognize that we are negotiating in both our personal and professional lives on a daily basis. However, how much training have you received professionally on the development of this skill? Most of us have learned what we know about negotiating from experience, some good, and some not so good.

During my presentation, Six Lessons in Becoming a More Effective Negotiator, I will be asking you to suspend judgment, and to keep an open mind on what you’ve learned up to now on the “art of negotiating”.

I’ll share with you some simple steps to remove the emotion that often impacts the success of our negotiating, as well as how to set the intention for what you desire while allowing the process to flow naturally.

You can expect to walk away with new skills for your negotiating toolkit, a better understanding of why being a more effective negotiator really matters, and an easy way to control your emotions during the process.

“Seven Steps to Creating Memorable Marketing”

Are you confident that your current marketing is effective? Do you ever find yourself thinking ‘There must be an easier way…”

Well there is, and I will be sharing it with you during my presentation, Seven Steps to Creating Memorable Marketing. These steps are universal and it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, or whether you are a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) entity.

These are the same steps that I have followed with our clients at Lighthouse Marketing over the past fourteen years. They are tried and true and I promise not rocket science, actually quite simple. You will also be happy to learn that creating memorable marketing can be done on a modest marketing budget. Establishing a solid foundation allows you to build upon your marketing as funds become available without having to recreate your brand from the ground up.

If you would like to create memorable marketing for your business, confidently, intelligently and creatively, then join us, you’ll be glad you did.

“Seven Simple Steps to Develop A Sales System that Works!”

During my presentation, Seven Simple Steps to Develop A Sales System that Works! I will share with you that having a New Business Development (NBD) system, which you work on a consistent and persistent basis will provide you with a continuous flow of prospective new customers; relieving you of the stress and fear of not knowing where your next sale will come from. You will be empowered with the knowledge of the same Sales System I have successfully implemented for my own two businesses, as well as on behalf of dozens of clients. You too can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are doing what is necessary to grow and sustain a profitable business.

“Conquering the FEAR of Success.”

So many of us can relate to the feelings that arise around the fear of failure. We’ve heard about it for years, and accept that on some level, this in part may be holding us back from our true potential.

Today we will explore the opposite end of that spectrum, the Fear of Success! What would it mean to truly Let Your Light Shine! During this session we will look within, at the possible reasons we may be holding back on our unique brilliance, on our ability to step it up in a big way, taking our business income to a new level of financial abundance!

Come prepared to expand your vision of what success will look like when you “Conquer the Fear of Success”.