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How does the use of a suitability assessment help me to increase my sales?

In my professional opinion, in order to get to where you want to go, you need to first fully understand where you are now. Of course, I am not referring to geography, but rather understanding in more depth your natural strengths and preferences, as it pertains to the traits necessary to run a successful business and to sell like a SuperStar Salesperson.

By completing the Harrison Assessment online, investing approximately 30-40 minutes of your private time, you will receive a comprehensive, 20+ page report. This report will provide in chart and narrative formats, your unique work preferences and personality factors. It will rank your traits from your Life Themes (highest values, key potential strengths), down to your lowest preferences, pretty much the things you’d prefer not to do at all. Perhaps more importantly, the Harrison Assessment’s Job Success Analysis will clearly demonstrate the impact of your natural and preferred traits compared to what is proven to be necessary to succeed in sales. Here are just a few of the essential traits that are indicators of a successful sales performance:

  • Influencing: The tendency to try to persuade others
  • Optimistic: The tendency to believe the future will be positive
  • Persistent: The tendency to be tenacious despite encountering significant obstacles

As your coach, we will look to develop the traits necessary to succeed in sales. I invite you to sign up and take the Harrison Assessment! To support your decision in this personal development investment, I will include a BONUS 30 minute telephone debrief with me, to review your personal results, as well as to answer any of your questions. When we receive your paid order, our team will send you a link to take the online assessment. Your results will be delivered to Tap Into Your Center™, and our team will reach out to schedule a convenient time for our BONUS telephone debrief.

What is the Harrison Assessment?

The Harrison Assessment is an easy to administer personality self-assessment system that has been successfully utilized by companies worldwide since the 1990’s. It is used in the employee selection and succession planning process to measure job suitability as determined by each individual company’s set of criteria for any given position. Often used internally by companies as a benefit to employees to support their career development with individual and team performance coaching. As a self-rating system it depicts a person’s own task preferences, interest, work environment preferences, attitude, motivation and interpersonal skills.

What isn’t the Harrison Assessment?

It is not a performance evaluation tool or to be used for the purpose of deciding if a person should remain with the company. It is not black & white, meaning a participant should not expect to agree or disagree 100% with its content. It is filled with gray areas that are meant to be explored and discussed.

How to take it?

A questionnaire with 17 groups of statements can be taken via e-mail. Read the directives on the first page of the questionnaire which ask you to rate which is most like you and which statements are least like you. It only takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

Order Now

The cost of a Harrison Assessment full report is $395 and includes the BONUS 30 minute phone debrief with Susan.