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1 ABOUT SUSAN PAGE IMAGENext Session: To Be Announced!

Cost = $497  (includes both sessions)   

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If you are responsible for generating new customers for your company, then you're in the right place!

Get ready to end the stress of not knowing where your next new customer will come from & discover the proven formula for achievieng a steady stream of your ideal customers.

For the first time ever, Susan is offering to YOU, the small business owner and entrepreneuer, her two session sales training program.  Don't miss the opportunity to learn from this 30 year veteran sales professional and multi six figure business owner.

Registration will be limited due to venue and Susan's desire to be able to answer your unique and specific sales questions during the two sessions.

Session One - Sales - Back to Basics

As a business owner who still sells on a daily basis, Session One will accomplish the following objectives:

  • Explore and identify YOUR personal beliefs of what it means to be a "sales person" and how those beliefs potentially affect YOUR success.
  • Learn what it means to have a Customer Driven Business Attitude; and master the strategies to develop and own this attitude on a consistent basis.
  • Explore the science of sales and the concept that success in sales is purely a numbers game.
  • Provide the insight and skills necessary to set and obtain both professional and personal sales goals on a regular and consistent basis. 

Session Two: Sales - Beyond The Basics

As a follow up to session one, Susan will work with you to delve deeper into the sales process and will accomplish the following course objectives:

  • We will role play different experiences to learn and better understand common pitfalls and proven methods to overcome them in the future.
  • Explore the many techniques used to "close the sale" and identify when the closing process begins and when it should end.
  • Identify the differences between marketing and sales; the important role they each play in sustaining a successful business enterprise or career.
  • Discuss the importance of an individual's reputation and ethical integrity to the long-term success of their business or career.
  • Evaluate the theory of an "emotional comfort level" for success and how to identify and break through any plateau. 

Feedback from Past Participants:


group training winter 2015“My biggest take-aways or ahas from Susan’s Sales Training is in understanding that sales do not have to be a negative, scary or aggressive act. A sale is a form of persuasion, and we, as sales people, are looking out for the best interest of our customer, not ourselves. Each “no” is just feedback, and means I am that much closer to a YES!”

“I would absolutely recommend this training to others. The greatest thing they can expect is to learn from a seasoned and successful sales and marketing professional that models important values such as integrity, service and reputation and teaches from her real life experiences.”

“I intend to recommend Susan’s Sales Training to my colleagues and friends. I will tell them to expect to expand their sales knowledge with a heart centered instructor who provides practical, applicable and integrative sales techniques to further promote individual accomplishments pertaining to sales and personal growth potential.”

“I will definitely recommend Susan’s Sales Training to everyone I know, and I would tell them to expect to gain confidence, reinforce basic sales skills, as well as learn new sales techniques. I really enjoyed the tapping and have tried it on my own in situations where I have felt stressed or anxious. I believe it has reduced the stress and allowed me to redirect my emotions into a more positive direction”


November Sales Training Participants"I would definitely recommend this training and would hope that you would keep the group small enough for that intimate feeling. I would share with them that it's like no other training that they have ever experienced. There will be some topics that you think you know but your explanations were clear and concise. I especially loved the personal stories that you interjected through the training. And, having the people in the group share so freely was a real asset vs. a lecture with no participant interaction. The training also will increase the fact that you should always listen to your gut." 

"Your Sales Training helped in reminding myself to live in the moment - the customer in front of me right now is the most important thing in the world right now... Failure is just feedback, learn from it and mistakes are opportunities to build loyalty - aha! This was very helpful because I tend to take failures or customer dissatisfaction very personally since I put so much into what I do, but the truth is you can't make everyone happy. Fix what you can and move forward!" 

"I loved the tapping portions. I have been researching tapping for a while but was never sure of exactly what to say during it. I learned by listening to you that you really can't say anything wrong while tapping. It's all about releasing your feelings and being ok with it. I am going to work hard on learning to effectively tap, I believe it would be a great help to me."