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Prior to my Deep Dive Day with Susan, my main challenge was not having a marketing strategy and set plan to move forward with my business. What I really needed was someone to help me with the process of getting more clients, establishing a follow up process, and packaging my high-end coaching program. Another challenge was in the area of asking potential clients for what I know I am worth.

I was doing bits and pieces with no real plan. My business was still in startup mode after more than a year and half. I was not making a lot of money and my client base was minimal. There was no growth in fact I was at a stale mate ready to throw in the towel.

My main objective was to have a set plan with steps to move my business forward and grow. What I received from Susan’s DDD was a Phase One and Phase Two plan that included step by step what I needed specifically to create and implement for my business to grow and be successful. This has provided me with a sense of ease knowing that I have worked with an expert in marketing and sales - who knows what needs to be done, and has provided me with a plan. I don't feel like I am swimming in a huge ocean anymore that is not manageable.

This was one of the best investments I have made since I started my business. Susan knows what she is doing and is very intuitive to her client’s needs. Yes, I would recommend to my colleagues a Deep Dive Day with Susan in a heartbeat. I would tell them to expect focused one on one time with an expert in sales and marketing. Susan works on finding out where you are stuck and why that is happening, as well as helps you figure out (based on what your goals are), what you need to do in order of importance, to get to where you want to go.

— Anita Watts, Founder Live 2 Your Potential


Prior to our Deep Dive Day with Susan we felt confusion on where to start and what priorities to focus on first. We were trying to be all things to all people; we didn't have a well-defined ideal target audience.

Our objectives were definitely met and even exceeded. We were provided with a breakdown of steps for clarity on identifying our ideal audience; we even learned the importance of creating our own Avatar. We also reviewed the importance of creating our IFO (Irresistible Free Offer), and focusing on only two primary service offerings. Susan also provided her expertise in setting up our high-end packages and working on our strategy session protocols.

We would highly recommend a Deep Dive Day with Susan and would share with our friends or colleagues that they would learn answers to their priority questions/concerns. They would experience three hours of intense planning/strategy on how to move forward in an organized fashion. For us it was a great session and a sound investment!

—Colleen Wietmarschen, President, M. Colleen Wietmarschen, LLC and Peter Wietmarschen, Vice-President, M. Colleen Wietmarschen, LLC

carol ann

My initial concerns prior to my Deep Dive Day with Susan were whether I was running a business or a hobby. I came away from our time together knowing I have a viable business and I simply need to accord the attention it deserves.

These questions/issues were impacting my business in two senses: 1) Financially – revenues NO where near where they could or ought to be; 2) Personally – via the extreme low self-worth engendered due to nothing in my money matters reflecting any semblance of deservingness or merit related to my eldercare niche.

All of my Deep Dive Day objectives were definitely EXCEEDED. How? By primarily the combination of the practical business advice provided by Susan, along with her spiritual intuitiveness guiding the way; this combination is what helped to exceed my objectives. Throughout our time together, I felt guided and knew the space was being held to stick to our agenda while providing opportunities to address themes or questions on my mind. As a professional facilitator and coach, I know it is not easy to balance those two sometimes-competing imperatives. Yet, we managed to navigate the three hours so that all got accomplished when and how it needed to.

If asked, would I recommend a Deep Dive Day with Susan, I would respond, unequivocally, I HIGHLY recommend Susan’s DDD!!! Given that I love to create acronyms, here is the AFFIRMING theme I created while consolidating my notes and action items the evening after our DDD.

1. A = Authentic
2. F = Fun
3. F = Fulfilling
4. I = Integrity-based
5. R = Rich (in content, ideas and suggestions)
6. M = Mutual (2-way collaboration to see me become my best)
7. I = Inspiring
8. N = Nurturing
9. G = Gracious

— Carol-Ann Hamilton - Author of "Coping with Un-cope-able Parents:  Loving Action for Eldercare", Speaker and Eldercare Expert

carlThe beginning, like many beginnings, can be very difficult. During my first session with Susan, I knew immediately this was going to become emotional, uncovering key elements of my lack of self-worth. I discovered that working for less money than I deserved became acceptable to me as a part of my up-bringing on the farm. Struggle – struggle – struggle was the message I learned.

Susan and I dealt with this in depth and it has turned out to be the foundation to moving forward with developing real and lasting self-worth. The cost of holding on was not only financial, it cost me a great deal of heartache of not knowing why certain negative circumstances were drawn to me.

My sessions with Susan during her 12-week Co-Creator’s Coaching/EFT Program became a solid foundation for me to move forward. Susan’s guidance, wisdom and tapping became the foundation to moving in a more positive direction; spiritually, personally and professionally.

Susan’s coaching has given me insight that I didn’t know previously and that’s powerful. I feel lighter at heart, accepting myself more each and every day. The outside world and my past are no longer in control of me and my future successes, God and I are.

Thank you, Susan for all of your guidance, insight and patience.

—Carl Fiorini, Baldwinsville, NY


I recall prior to working with Susan a desperate feeling of being stuck. I needed guidance through the grieving process of losing my spouse, as well as an underlying feeling of unworthiness. I also had significant stressors at work, and needed to end a relationship that wasn’t good for me.

All of this made me feel sad, lack of energy and I had this anxiety inside of me. I told Susan that all I wanted was to have a sense of calmness, no longer wanting to react to people that pushed my buttons. Basically, I was not happy with the direction my life was going.

After participating in Susan’s Co-Creator’s 12-week Coaching and EFT program, the biggest positive for me was the feeling of calmness – I was at peace within myself. I felt stronger and more confident in who I am and what I have to offer – whether it is at work or in a relationship.

It’s been several months since completing my program with Susan and I still have the calmness that I desperately needed. I am now confident that I have the tools, such as tapping, journaling and using the white light of protection, along with the love for myself to continue my path and enjoy my life. I know that there will be obstacles and challenges in my life and now I tap! I’ve noticed that I’m not so defensive, I’m back to my gym on a regular basis, I’m in a better frame of mind, I just feel more peace. Thank you Susan for all your love, support and guidance, you have helped me put the light back into my life!

—Chrisine Doak, Office Manager, Syracuse NY

lindaOne of my biggest fears has always been losing my child – that my son might leave this earth before me. Not that I obsessed about it, but truth be told, that was the one thing that I never thought I could handle. Having been divorced, I’m even used to my son not being with me all the time. But the Newtown tragedy, coupled with the reality of my son heading off to college in another year, was making me more anxious when we were apart.

I had just started working with Susan on clearing some of the stress in my life, and these fears came to a head (in the form of a nightmare) that forced me to deal with my deep-rooted fear.

The session was scary…but I knew I HAD to go there…to that dark place. And it WAS difficult…but WHAT a difference it makes to shine a light in the darkness!   I am now no longer anxious when my son is away from me, and I know that he will be fine when he goes away to college. I can’t say that I would be OK with him being gone before me by any stretch of the imagination, but I am at peace with the fact that he and I will always be connected no matter what happens to either one of us.

Thank you, Susan, for this peace of mind. I’m sure my son will be thanking you next year as well, when I am not a basket case dropping him off at college!

—Linda Davie, School Teacher, Liverpool, NY

sally“Prior to working with Susan, there were a number of issues that I was dealing with, cash flow issues, fear of success, feeling stuck in my business and the direction I wanted to head in my life. One of the biggest issues was cashflow. I could not seem to move forward in my business, working long hours for very little remuneration. I also felt stuck and would find myself procrastinating to complete projects or pay bills. I found myself being busy with incidental things in my life almost as an excuse not to be successful, or work on my business. 

From the very first session with Susan I found some deep issues that I had around money and my self-worth. They were issues that I thought I had dealt with in the past, as I have done numerous personal development programs. I found that after each tapping session with Susan, that the issues that I thought I had dealt with, emerged again, but this time I truly did clear them. I felt stronger and more focused.

Tapping is an amazing tool. It helps get below the layers of any problem. With each tapping session, I found that I was able to release long held and sometimes traumatic events that I had forgotten about. It was only when they were released that I realised how much they had impacted on my life. I truly feel clearer and lighter.

One of the biggest issues I had was around fear of success and because of that issue with cashflow in my business. I knew where I wanted to go, I just could not seem to achieve it. Since the tapping sessions with Susan, my confidence levels have soared. I also have much clearer vision about where I want to take my business. As if by magic, my calendar is now filling with paid speaking engagements, sales are increasing and opportunities are surfacing where there were not previously. Its almost if there was a life before tapping, and a life after it! Susan is a brilliant EFT practitioner, whose gentle manner can help you clear any blocks that may be holding you back from achieving success in any area of your life.”

—Sally Thibault, Asperger’s Parenting Specialist, Speaker, Seminar Presenter & Author, Gold Coast, Australia

gerry“I have been selling Commercial Real Estate for over 25 years, and am used to the highs and lows that are associated with selling property. This year had been a very tough year, and there was one very large property deal that seemed thwart with so many roadblocks. I had been working on this contract for six months, and it seemed that every week something was standing in the way of finalizing this particular deal, even though it was a very lucrative one for both the vendors and the purchasers. My wife suggested that I tried Tapping and contacted Susan to facilitate a tapping session via Skype. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant at first, but decided to try it, as nothing else seemed to be working! 

I was absolutely amazed and impressed with the Tapping Session that Susan facilitated. She was able to delve deeply into issues that were at the core of my frustration so quickly, and what's more, within 48 hours I had a signed, unconditional contract! I have no hesitancy in recommending that if you are in sales or marketing, that you book a session with Susan Beebe. Her experience and understanding of how Salespeople think, together with her Tapping expertise will help you in ways that can only mean a better bottom line for your business.”

—Gerry Thibault, Commercial Property Agent, Gold Coast, Australia


“Before I started my coaching and tapping sessions with Susan, I was at a place where I wanted to grow my business. I had never had to do sales before, relying on repeat business and referrals, and yet I knew that new sales was what it was going to take in order to grow or for that matter, even maintain profitable revenue. I was also having staffing challenges with key employees. As the sole owner of my business, there is not much of a line between personal and professional and often times I would bring the work stress home with me. 

These issues were impacting my life in a myriad of ways; migraine headaches, loss of concentration, constant fears around new business development. All around not healthy or positive.

From day one of our sessions, I could actually see how the tapping would be a valuable tool for me, both personally and professionally, and I was extremely excited to keep practicing. I have learned to stay positive in negative situations, I try really hard to do that now, and I’m an overall much calmer leader of my company.

Another benefit from working with Susan is that I really believe I am better with my personal relationships as a result. I have resolved some very deep issues that I was suppressing for over 30 years, I am no longer haunted by them. My migraine headaches are better controlled and I believe I am a better person than before I started.”

—Sue Avery, President, Avery Marketing, Rochester, NY



“Susan’s Co-Creator’s 12-week Coaching and EFT Program came at a time where I was struggling with clarity in my business. I wasn’t sure who my ideal target was, how to merge creative coaching with speaker coaching, what are the price points, and so much more.

Using tapping eased my anxiety and showed me the way to clarity. I am now very clear and very excited about my new business model! During our sessions I always felt (and still do) very at peace, clear, happier, MUCH happier. It’s because I genuinely am. I am writing. I am speaking. I am following my inner guidance from within. My faith in God is also stronger. I wanted it to be, and with Susan’s help, I got there.

I have continued to tap, too! Using tools like tapping is why I have experienced such transformation in my life. We can talk all day about the changes we want to experience. But until we play with them and use them, nothing happens. This tool will always be something I use.
Now I look forward to the new day. Before, I was very afraid and unclear. I didn’t want to face my work week. I don’t feel that way now. I get up, get my coffee, and journal and I bask in the possibilities. I get excited about my creative work. I also appreciate my husband and daughter more than ever. I feel that I am more compassionate toward others.

I would recommend Susan’s 12-week program and would tell you to expect transformation! All things are possible through God. And with the help of a conduit like Susan, it’s even more possible to find the faith within and grow.”

—Joleene Moody, Professional Speaker & Coach, Pulaski, NY